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A Dragon and his Inventor

Summary: Jake Long has a new assignment to fulfill as the American Dragon. He has to protect a special boy by the name of Cornelius 'Lewis' Robinson. Easy peasy, but what Jake didn't expect was to be distracted by big blue eyes behind the future inventor's glasses. All in Jake's POV.

Disclaimer: I do not own American Dragon: Jake Long or Meet the Robinson.

A/N: My first Jake/Lewis story. Which is probably weird to all of you. But oh well, I'm riding to the train of crazy, so I might just wing it. I mean, I've read a Hiccup/Wilbur pairing (Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon) so why can't I do a crazed up and adorable pair too? Don't like it, then you shouldn't have clicked here! It IS a yaoi/slash story. Deal with it. Anyways, hope you enjoy.


"Jake, can you come in here for a moment?"

"I'll be right down G!"

I placed down the broom I was using and walked behind my grandpa's shop, poking my head in to see Fu dog and Grandpa looking very serious. Now, G was always serious, but to see Fu Dog in such a mood made me a little anxious.

You see, my name is Jake Long, also known around the Magical world as the American Dragon. I protect the city of New York and fight bad people on the daily basis. In short, I am one awesome super dragon hero. Well, that and I have two very best friends in the world who always help me in a jam, and those friends were Trixie Carter, one sassy girl who won't hesitate to kick some butt, and Arthur 'Spud' Spudinski, a techno genius but can be a little loopy at times. My young dragon sister in training, Hailey, also helps me out along with her Dragon trainer, Sun, the Korean dragon. There are also many times that my mom Susan Long, always there supporting me even when she doesn't have dragon powers (It skipped her generations), and my so corny human dad, Jonathan Long, trying to find ways to help me out too (He found out about a few years ago about his family being magical dragons).

Now I am eighteen years old, gotten older and a bit wiser since then. But it didn't mean I couldn't have fun and slack off once in a while.

I looked at Lao Shi in waiting, as the old man sighed.

"A mission has been passed down to you young dragon…" He spoke gravely, as I raised an eyebrow a little skeptically.

"What kind of mission G?"

"A protection kind of mission kid," Fu Dog interjected with a frown.

I sighed in relief with a grin. That's all?

"Alright, an easy protection mission!" I laughed in excitement, "Who am I protecting? A Princess? Some rich king of the magical world?"

"You will be protecting this boy…" Lao Shi spoke again as Fu Dog opened his magical book to reveal a picture of the one I'm supposed to protect.

He seemed to be around my age, maybe a bit younger. His blond hair was whipped up as if he was electrocuted plenty of times to make it perfectly stand like that. His cerulean clear blue eyes shined a little behind his round glasses of his, smiling softly and gently. He was skinny and very much white, dressed in a blue hoodie with long white sleeves, red jeans with the bottom part covering his brown vans. Even though he is strange looking, he didn't seem so magical.

"Sooooo, who is this?" I asked curiously with a tilt of my head.

"This, is Cornelius Robinson, but friends tend to call him Lewis," Fu Dog explained as usual, "Apparently there are a lot of baddies after him, the motive is unsure, but until we can find out what it is, it's up to the American Dragon to protect him at all cost"

I nodded then looked at the holographic image of the boy again then looked at Grandpa, "So what is he?"

"He is the future's brightest hope," Gramps answered mysteriously, and normally, I would be my loud self and prod for more answers, but for now, I just kept my mouth shut.

"Okay, so when do I get to meet him?" I asked, preparing myself to see this guy in person.

"Ah, that's the thing kid," Fu Dog winced a little, "You have to be hidden from him as you are protecting him…"

I gaped a little with an 'Aw man!' as I groaned, "Are you saying that he can't even know he's being watched? Like stalking him?"

I felt a little weirded out by that.

"Young Dragon, it is of vital importance that you protect him, at the same time, he cannot know what is going on and that he is being protected,"

I sighed. So it's time to be dragon ninja huh?

"I'll do it," I gave a little grin, confident I could do this easy peasy mission.

Little did I know, that protecting this Lewis, would change my life, and future, forever.
The beginning of this crazed up story. We will see Lewis in the next chapter. Like it? Love it? Hate it? Please tell me what'cha think, and do you like the book cover?
OceanPictures61 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
Sounds like an interesting premise
BabyAlviGX Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Student Artist
It is, it came up during constant watching of Meet the Robinsons and American Dragon: Jake Long ;P
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